It enables a more direct route for shipping between Europe and Asia, effectively allowing for passage from the North Atlantic to the Indian Ocean without having to circumnavigate the African continent. The waterway is vital for international trade and, as a result, has been at the center of conflict since it opened in The canal separates the bulk of Egypt from the Sinai Peninsula. It took 10 years to build, and was officially opened on November 17, Interest in a marine route connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea dates back to ancient times. A series of small canals connecting the Nile River and, thus, by extension, the Mediterranean to the Red Sea were in use as early as B. However, a direct connection between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea was considered impossible over concerns that they sat at distinct levels of altitude.

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However, few of us know where the diamonds we buy and proudly wear come from, or how they get from their place of origin to our jewelry stores. Given their beauty, their worth, and the joy they often bring as symbols of love, we have trouble understanding that diamonds have caused great human suffering in parts of Africa. Much of what we North Americans read about Africa or see on the TV news relates to violence and suffering in less than a dozen countries in Africa.

We are often not given the opportunity to read, see, or hear about the nearly 40 countries in Africa which are not suffering from civil wars and violence. When we concentrate on stories of war and violence, we should try to find out as much as we can about the situation in order better understand the reasons for the conflict, including ways in which we, North Americans, through what we buy and value, may be contributing to these conflicts, and how through our governments and relief organizations, we might also contribute to a solution to the conflicts.

Most of Africa’s 54 countries were colonies of European nation-states from the late 19th Century. Sierra Leone became a colony of Britain nearly years earlier.

Find Out. COVID has exposed weaknesses in the global food system. Technology can set the food system on a better course to deliver a healthy economy, people and planet. World Bank Group President David Malpass provides an update about recent developments on issues of debt transparency and sustainability, vaccine and healthcare responses, and others. New trends in global trade—especially the rise in services, global value chains, and the digital economy—are opening up important economic opportunities for women.

Learn more about our priorities for broad and fast action in our new crisis response paper. Since , the World Bank has maintained a Debtor Reporting System DRS which includes historical quantification, methodologies, and aggregate debt information. This interactive dashboard helps visualize the monthly debt service payments projected to come due during and for DSSI-eligible countries. Read More.

The new growth forecasts contain two scenarios—baseline and downside—allowing us to explore two different scenarios for how the pandemic may impact poverty. The baseline scenario assumes that the outbreak remains at levels currently expected and that activity recovers later this year, while the downside scenario assumes that outbreaks persist longer than expected, forcing lockdown measures to be maintained or reintroduced. The COVID pandemic is expected to plunge most countries into recession in , with per capita income contracting in the largest fraction of countries globally since Advanced economies are projected to shrink 7 percent.


Black Power was a revolutionary movement that occurred in the s and s. It emphasized racial pride, economic empowerment, and the creation of political and cultural institutions. During this era, there was a rise in the demand for black history courses, a greater embrace of African culture, and a spread of raw artistic expression displaying the realities of African Americans.

The origin of the first use of the term Black Power varies. But, it was not until , when Black Power made it into the mainstream.

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Close examination of a globe often results in the observation that most of the continents seem to fit together like a puzzle: the west African coastline seems to snuggle nicely into the east coast of South America and the Caribbean sea; and a similar fit appears across the Pacific. The fit is even more striking when the submerged continental shelves are compared rather than the coastlines. In Alfred Wegener noticed the same thing and proposed that the continents were once compressed into a single protocontinent which he called Pangaea meaning “all lands” , and over time they have drifted apart into their current distribution.

However, Wegener’s hypothesis lacked a geological mechanism to explain how the continents could drift across the earths surface as he proposed. Searching for evidence to further develop his theory of continental drift, Wegener came across a paleontological paper suggesting that a land bridge had once connected Africa with Brazil. This proposed land bridge was an attempt to explain the well known paleontological observation that the same fossilized plants and animals from the same time period were found in South America and Africa.

Many of these organisms could not have traveled across the vast oceans that currently exist. Wegener’s drift theory seemed more plausible than land bridges connecting all of the continents. But that in itself was not enough to support his idea. Another observation favoring continental drift was the presence of evidence for continental glaciation in the Pensylvanian period. Striae left by the scraping of glaciers over the land surface indicated that Africa and South America had been close together at the time of this ancient ice age.

The same scraping patterns can be found along the coasts of South America and South Africa. Wegener’s drift hypothesis also provided an alternate explanation for the formation of mountains orogenesis.

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If you want to prosper, first build roads, says a Chinese proverb. The continent should build many roads, railways, ports, and power plants, as large infrastructure gaps remain an obstacle to growth, investment and economic diversification. At least half of that requirement is currently unfunded. Subscribe to receive related content.

Without income from natural resources, poverty among smallholders in Africa would be 16 percentage points higher; As the coronavirus pandemic worsened.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Given the current trends in incidence and underlying healthcare systems vulnerabilities, Africa could become the next epicenter of the COVID pandemic.

As the pandemic transitions to more widespread community transmission, how can the lessons learned thus far be consolidated to effectively curb the spread of COVID while minimizing social disruption and negative humanitarian and economic consequences? Statistical models based on air-travel data from China identified Egypt, Algeria and South Africa as the countries at highest risk of initial introductions and spread in Africa 3.

Drawing experience from the Ebola virus disease crisis in West Africa, African leaders were keenly aware that failure to contain COVID would threaten health, prosperity and security 4.

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Questions about the genealogical imprint of tumors have hovered over cancer research since the completion of the Human Genome Project in Is liver cancer different at a basic, molecular level in people of African descent than people of European descent? Does breast cancer have a different genetic profile in East Asians than Native Americans? Drawing on data from The Cancer Genome Atlas TCGA involving 10, patients and 33 cancer types, the investigators found that ancestry was tied to variations in hundreds of genes, but that the most important of these differences were linked to specific tissue types.

About half of the sub-Saharan African population without access to electricity live in a cumulative total of more than 1 billion people connected to electricity to Keep up to date with our latest news and analysis by subscribing to our.

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Canada has cultivated relationships in Africa for more than five decades through our work with African countries and with regional and international bodies. While some African countries have made progress in reducing poverty, Sub-Saharan Africa is still home to some of the poorest people in the world. Canada also works with other countries in the region, and where challenges benefit from regional approaches, we work with continental institutions such as the African Union and the African Development Bank, as well as regional economic communities RECs.

In , there were million people with HIV (54%) in eastern and southern Africa, million (13%) in western and central Africa,

Energy access policies continue to bear fruit, with data showing promising signs. The number of people without access to electricity dropped from almost 1 billion in to million, a record in recent years. India continued to make unprecedented progress, with almost million people gaining access in alone. Despite significant steps forward in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda, close to million people are still without access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our latest country-by-country assessment shows that in , the number of people without electricity access had dropped to million, a record in recent years. As a result, the number of people without access to electricity, which peaked at million in , declined slowly to around million in The majority of progress over the past decade in Africa has been made as a result of grid connections, but a rapid rise has been seen in access via solar home systems.

The million people still without access to electricity there represents more than two-thirds of the global total.

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Men and women looking for prospective romantic partners online should take note of these two: Laura Cahill, who described herself as an aspiring young model living in Paris, and Britney Parkwell, who pointed to her relative youth as a year-old from sunny San Jose, California. There’s one big problem: Despite profiles that said they were seeking love online, they never existed. They were fake personas created as part of an elaborate scheme run out of Africa to con hundreds of thousands of dollars from vulnerable Americans, according to the California-based cyber-security firm Agari.

A firm report details how men and women were targeted by fraudsters. Crane Hassold, the senior. In the report, researchers warn that individuals and businesses are “far more likely to be targeted by West African crime groups” than by hackers working for the Russian or North Korean governments.

Release Date, Political And Economic Realities Subtitle Author(s), Political And Economic Realities Victor T. Le Vine and Timothy.

Visit coronavirus. Of these, Some people may have HIV but not know it. Of these new infections:. That means People with HIV who are aware of their status, take ART daily as prescribed, and get and keep an undetectable viral load can live long, healthy lives and have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting HIV to their HIV-negative partners. HIV Care Continuum —The term HIV care continuum refers to the sequence of steps a person with HIV takes from diagnosis through receiving treatment until his or her viral load is suppressed to undetectable levels.

Each step in the continuum is marked by an assessment of the number of people who have reached that stage.

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